Airlock, 3-Piece Plastic


Three-piece airlock or fermentation lock. Prevents nasties like fruit flies, dust, pet hair, etc, from getting into and contaminating your precious fermenting stuff. Also allows CO2 gas, a byproduct of fermentation, to bubble out of your fermentation vessel, so it doesn't blow up! They must be filled to the fill line with liquid to do the job. We prefer filling with a really cheap vodka because, if some gets sucked into the fermenter, it's no big deal. You can also use sanitizer or water, but we recommend being very careful not to allow these to be sucked back into the fermenter (which usually happens when you're picking up a bucket that's full of wort or must). The pro's to this design is it's pretty easy to clean to reuse, since it comes apart. The downside is the pieces are really easy to lose or, if dropped on the floor, they inevitably end up under a foot and are smashed beyond recognition.

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