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Discovering the Pleasures of Real Beer with Real Food by Garrett Oliver,
America's foremost authority on beer and brewmaster of the acclaimed Brooklyn
Brewery, wants to change your food life. In The Brewmaster's Table, he reveals
why traditional beer is the new star with today's cuisine and how to make the
perfect match. Real beer is now available almost everywhere, yet most people are
familiar only with bland mass-market beer. Have you tasted the real thing? Real
beer has complex flavors -- it's an affordable luxury that can transform
everyday meals from dull to extraordinary. Whether it's a brightly citric
Belgian wheat beer with a goat cheese salad, a sharply aromatic pale ale to
complement spicy tacos, an earthy German bock beer to match a porcini risotto, a
rich, strong Trappist ale with a hanger steak, or even a fruity framboise to
accompany a slice of chocolate truffle cake, the right beer is a perfect partner
to any dining experience. Garrett Oliver shows you how to make it happen,
whether you're at home on Tuesday night, in a restaurant for Sunday brunch, or
on vacation in Europe. He explains how beer is made, shows you its fascinating
history, and then leads you through the amazing range of flavors displayed by
the dozens of distinct styles of beer from around the world. Most important, he
shows how beer, which is far more versatile than wine, intensifies flavors when
it's appropriately paired with foods to create brilliant matches most people
have never imagined. The Brewmaster's Table is entertainingly written by the man
Gourmet magazine calls a "passionate epicure and talented alchemist" and is
lushly illustrated with Denton Tillman's gorgeous photographs of the world's
finest breweries, their excellent beers, and the artisans who produce them.
Whether you're a beer aficionado, a passionate cook, or just someone who loves a
great dinner, this book will indeed be a revelation.

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