DAH pah-ZHA-loos-tah! (Yes, Please!) Russian Imperial Stout

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Да, пожалуйста! TM is an intensely flavored, big, dark ale with roasty, fruity, and bittersweet flavors. Noticeable alcohol presence. Dark fruit flavors meld with roasty, burnt, or almost tar-like sensations. Similar to to a black barleywine with a broad dimension of flavor.

Size = 5.0 gal

OG = 1.092

FG = 1.020

IBU = 40.5

SRM = 50.5

ABV = 9.5%


Because this beer is so strong, we recommend pitching Champagne at bottling in order to ensure the beer adequately carbonates in the bottle. You can choose not to include priming sugar at all, choose just priming sugar (assuming you have your own high gravity yeast to pitch at bottling), or choose priming sugar and champagne yeast combo.

DAH pah-ZHA-loos-tah! (Yes, Please!) Russian Imperial StoutTM

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