Frugal Homebrewers Companion

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Did you know you can make great beer? Did you know you can make great color? The importance of brewing with a large yeast colony?
The headaches one can avoid by using a nylon hop bag? The best Sanitizer on the
market? Why to spend the extra money on oxygen-absorbing caps and a false-bottom
mash tun? Professional Author and long-time Homebrewer, Jason Rizos shares tips
and tricks you won't find anywhere else, focusing on homebrewing equipment, from
a beginner's first "extract" kit, to All Grain, to outdoor 15 gallon "keggle"
systems, explaining technique and purpose behind all the gadgetry along the way.
"Guides the first-time homebrewer through his or her first few years of brewing,
explaining the most cost-effective way to get started, the things to worry about
and things to blow off, and many secrets in this short introduction to the
wonderful world of homebrew." - John Krakow, Master Brewer

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