Grain Millers

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Barley, Flaked Grain Millers

Barley, Flaked

A result of conditioning, steaming and flaking pre-cleaned, partially-debranned barley berries. Barley flakes are similar to regular rolled oats in...

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Barley, Organic Flaked Grain Millers

Barley, Organic Flaked

<1L - 100% USDA Certified Organic 2-row malted barley that has been steamed and flattened between rollers and is partially pre-gelatinized....

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Oats, Rolled Grain Millers

Oats, Rolled

Rolled Oats from Grain Millers here in Oregon. Used for a creamy mouthfeel, nice head and for breakfast! Priced by the pound. Minimum order 1/10...

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Rye, Flaked Grain Millers

Rye, Flaked

Flaked Rye from Grain Millers right here in Oregon. Rye flakes are a result of conditioning, steaming and flaking pre-cleaned rye berries. They...

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Wheat, Flaked Grain Millers

Wheat, Flaked


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Wheat, Unmalted Grain Millers

Wheat, Unmalted


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