Holly Day Ale - Seasonal

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A rich, malty beer pm the dark side, but smooth dark not roasty dark.  Holiday spices add to the festive flavor, and there's plenty of alcohol to warm your toes and other body parts.  Ample hopping provides bitterness to balance out the malt, contributing to the well-rounded flavor of this beer.  A favorite winter warmer at our shop and homes.

An important ingredient which we can't provide is the zest of two fresh oranges.  Dried just isn't the same.  You just need a couple nice navel oranges, or the like, and a grator like you'd use to grate cheese.

We do recommend using the White Labs Vial, which is WLP007 Dry English Ale, as it's high attenuation helps keep the beer from having too much residual sweetness.

Size = 5.0 gal

OG = 1.074

FG = 1.019

IBU = 111

SRM = 21.2

ABV = 7.3%

Holy Day AleTM

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