No Gluten for Punishment IPA - Near-Gluten-Free

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An American-style IPA with a bold hop presence and near-zero gluten. Near-zero because the steeping grains we include, flaked corn and oats, may contain trace amounts of gluten because they may be processed alongside gluten-containing grains. If you want to make this a 100% gluten-free beer, choose "No steeping grains" and get yourself some guaranteed gluten-free flaked corn (1 lb) and flaked oats (0.5 lb) at your local healthfood store.

Size = 5.0 gal

OG = 1.069

FG = 1.012

IBU = 139.6

SRM = 16.2

ABV = 7.54%


No Gluten for Punishment,sub>tm

Please note that, at this point in time, only dry yeasts are gluten free, which is why we don't include options to select liquid yeasts.

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