Brew Brothers Brewery Wash (BBBW)


Compare to PBW. BBBW is a non-chlorinated alkaline cleaner for use in cleaning food- processing equipment in breweries, dairies and other food plants. BBBW contains oxygen bleach in place of chlorine bleach. This allows the product to do an efficient job removing stains and protein based soils without the detrimental effects of chlorine. BBBW is low foaming and may be used as a CIP cleaner or by hand.


1. Safe on surfaces found in breweries and meat processing plants.

2. Concentrated product for low cost.

3. Contains only biodegradable surfactants.

BBBW is made by Wesmar Company in Lynnwood, Washington, under the brand name GLOSAN NC, and is a favorite among breweries in the Northwest.

Bulk priced by the pound. Minimum order is 1 lb.

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