Vintner's Apprentice

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In The Vintner's Apprentice, go deep into the age-old art and tradition of creating wines. An insider tour of vineyards, wineries, wine cellars, and more!

In The Vintner's Apprentice, you get behind-the-scenes access to the wine world's real-life masters of the craft, as well as a guide to the techniques that made them so successful. The pros, including the author Eric Miller, who is a California wine maker, give you behind-the-scenes tips and tricks to help you become a successful Vintner, or to master the craft of making small batches at home. Benefit from their experience selecting a site, planting a vineyard, harvesting and crushing the grapes, creating blends, and much more in The Vintner's Apprentice.

The abundance of helpful tips and secrets from the masters will help you plant, harvest, crush, mix blends and learn to pick out different notes of different wines. While The Vintner's Apprentice will help the first-timer get started making wine, it will also help the seasoned veteran learn new tricks of the trade when brewing from home. Pick up a copy of The Vintner's Apprentice for yourself and start making your own delicious wine in your spare time or turn it into your full-time passion!

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