Wheat, Torrified - Whole Bag


  • Manufactured by: Briess Malt

1.5°L - Soft Red Wheat, whole kernel (Torrified Wheat): Part of Briess' Insta Grains® product line, Torrified Wheat is short for Insta Grains® Soft Red Wheat Whole Kernel. That's what you'll see printed on the label, but don't worry. It's simply Torrified Wheat. This Torrified Wheat has been heat treated to break the cellular structure, allowing for rapid hydration and malt enzymes to more completely attack the starches and protein. Torrified Wheat can be used in place of raw wheat when making Belgian-style White and Wit beers. Advantages over raw wheat include normal conversion time and higher yield.

Priced by the bag.  Minimum order 1 bag.

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