Wine/Mead/Cider Starter Kit

Starting at: $79.82

Everything to start making your own wine, mead or cider (except the ingredients). Compare our modular kit to the allows you to pick and choose the options you want. You get 10% off everything you purchase as part of the kit versus buying it individually.

The following items are included in the basic kit:

- Fermentation Bucket with lid - 7 gallon
- Carboy, 6 gallon glass
- Fermentation Lock - lets CO2 out and keeps creepy crawlies out
- Racking cane - used to move your cider/mead/wine from one place to another using siphon tubing. However, we highly recommend upgrading to the Auto-Siphon, as it easily starts a siphon with one stroke
- Siphon Tubing - 6' x 3/8" - for the racking cane or Auto-Siphon; also connects to your bottling bucket and bottle filler at bottling time
- Bottle Filler, 3/8"
- Hydrometer - helps you figure out how much alcohol your must will produce and to check to see if fermentation is done
- Sanitizer - IO-Star is an inexpensive iodine-based, no-rinse sanitizer. However, we recommend upgrading to Star San, especially if you're sensative to that iodine smell like we are or if you want to mix up 5 gallons and store for use later. See a description of each, here: IO Star and Star San. You can also use Campden tablets (potassium metabisulphite) as a sanitizer, too. However, it's not as easy to prepare as IO-Star or Star San.
- Basic instructions for making wine, mead or cider

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